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The best comedy experience to be had with me is on Patreon. It’s where people hook me up with a monthly pledge, so I gotta put more work into that than all other things. All the best stuff is there first, and I do live interaction quite a bit. This website probably comes in a close second because it’s linked to that and everything else, including the YouTube channel, podcast, and social media accounts. 

Video of Knowing Things

Pretty much everything there is to know about me, Mat Freeman, and the Freeman’s Table game show, plus the spinoffs FT Cracked and FT Streamin’. Hope you’re enjoying all the jokes, which you can easily support with a wee monthly pledge on Patreon. You’ll find 138 links to Patreon all over this site, including everywhere I’ve typed the word Patreon (< < < like here). Did I mention the Support These Jokes button? (Psst. I know I did.) 

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Let's be honest, you're supporting the meathead host (that's me). Check out the page to see all the bonus comedy your contribution gets you. On top of the Freeman's Table Game Show, you get ‘Best of’ compilations, behind-the-scenes shenanigans, collaborate on game ideas, and get access to the Discord Chat Room. Aaaand everything else I can think of to tickle your fancy funnybone.

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All episodes are converted to audio and uploaded to the podcast every week. 

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I need your help to reach 3 billion people. Yep — that’s billion with a 3. Pretty sure it’s the only way I’m gonna retire in Costa Rica. Check out the Patreon page to support directly, or visit the rest of these links to subscribe, like and share all over the place. You know 3 billion people, right? Please and thanks!