0007 | Hortman vs. Lopez

Hortman vs. Lopez
Rahn Hortman and Joe Lopez square off in a hilarious matchup that had me laughing, and making mistakes in the process. Turns out it’s funny when I screw the pooch.

You can find everything about comedian Rahn Hortman at, including his book Daily Dose for Realationships, and his Struggle Is Real podcast.

Check out to see the great work Joe Lopez does with my favorite flan. Order online and get his delectable desserts delivered anywhere in the world, except that one island where the cannibals kill you. Pretty sure you can’t get it there. Everywhere else though, should be good.

Check out the new GAME page to see the board and how we play, and download a free PNG color 8.5×11 image of the game board from the Freeman’s Table STORE!