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How We Play The Game

Currently, the games that move the players around the board are Whatta Ya Know? (trivia), Any Wurdle Do (word find), and Dice Lotto (dice, of course). Play Cards are pulled for each player’s turn, which determines if they’re playing one of the games, moving to the nearest feature, or some other random act the host thinks is funny. Each feature has its own cards: Bridge, Pond, Sand and Park. The player will either move forward, lose a turn, or fall back.  

First to land directly in the winner’s circle – wins!

Deciding Pole Position

A roll of 2 dice determines who pulls a Play Card first. Highs are good, neighbors are better, and doubles are best. Roll a 3 and 5 for a total of 8, and you beat a 1 and 3. But a 3 and 5 lose to a roll of 1 and 2, ’cause they’re neighbors. If both players roll neighbors or doubles, higher total wins. 

Whatta Ya Know?

Answering a trivia question correctly on the first try moves the player ahead 3 spaces. Three hints are available per question, dropping one space moved per hint, as seen in the example below. If the player doesn’t answer the trivia question correctly after 3 hints, their opponent gets a shot at answering it for 1 space moved.  

Sample Question: The most densely populated island in the world is off the coast of which country?

Hint #1 for 2 spaces moved: Only South American country with coasts on the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

Hint #2 for 1 space moved: Shakira shook outta her mum there. 

Hint #3 for 0 spaces moved: Cocaine.

Sample Answer: Columbia

Any Wurdle Do

Play Cards for Any Wurdle Do will determine how many letters the players will get, and how many vowels will be included. They get 10 seconds to find a word. Real words of 5+ letters are worth 3 spaces, 4 letter words are worth 2 spaces, 3 letter words are worth 1. If the player doesn’t get a valid word, their opponent may try for any word worth 1 space moved. 

The game is called Any Wurdle Do because the players can make up any word, worth 4 spaces moved, no matter the length. The manajalated word must have etymological roots the host deems worthy. For instance, a previous player manajalated the word “Eweqy”, like what you would say when you step in dog shit. But he spelled it “E-W-E-Q-Y”, so he should’ve sold it as “stepping in Sheep Shit”, because a EWE is a sheep. The opponent is encouraged to challenge all manajalated words, and their input will be considered, should it have merit. 

Dice Lotto

The players will receive a 3 digit number between 111-666, which are all the options available in a 3 dice roll. Players can move one of two ways: rolling a number within 100 of the number is worth 3 spaces moved, within 200 is worth 2 spaces moved, and within 300 is worth 1 space moved; or, rolling 1 exact number is worth 1 space moved, 2 exact numbers is worth 2, 3 exact is worth 3.  

And that’s the game!